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Your Assignment ...

Purpose of the Assignment: It will help you understand how issues of social justice impact the local experience …or it will help you understand how the local experience challenges the manner in which injustice is understood nationally.

Research Assignment Requirements:

  • Focus on your community ...your hometown or city neighborhood
  • Determine a social issue affecting you and/or your community
  • Search and located quality research resources



Some things to keep in mind about your Research:

  • Approach your research as an Investigator
  • Like an Investigator, think in terms of...
    • Who
    • What
    • Where
    • When
    • Why
    • How

Google - Using Advanced Search

Use Google Advanced Search

  • Allows you to easily combine search terms including words, phrases and proper names
  • You can refine your search by domain:
    • Restrict to a specific website
    • Restrict to a specific type of domain such as .org or .gov

Pace Library Resources

On the Pace Library homepage, Quick Search provides a wide search of Library resources.  You can refine your search by

  • Advanced Search
  • By Source Type
  • By Publication

Also, the Lexis-Nexis database allows you to search numerous national and international news sources.

News Sources

News sources that focus their content locally or on the region:

Regional news sources such as:

Also, consider searching Social Media with your location and your social issue.

Finding News via Google

After you have searched Google, click on News

Or you can also search for news content using Google News

Douglas Heimbigner / Instructional Librarian at Mortola Library