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Seidenberg School of Computer Science Research Guide

Welcome to the World of Research

Do you have a Pace Library barcode?  

If the answer is "no" you need to get one, immediately!  Please stop by the Circulation Desk either at Birnbaum Library (NYC) or Mortola Library (PLV) or email me so we can get you on the road to research.  

Do you have article citations in which you cannot find the full-text article?

Step One: Search the Pace Library homepage  using the Journal Title Tab

Look for the corresponding database.

Step Two: If nothing comes up, we might not own the journal.  

Step Three: Run the title of article (not the journal title) through Google.  You might find the full text.

Step Four: Still nothing?  You need an inter-library loan (ILL).   Please click on the following link to initiate an ILL via our ILLiad Service:


I am Michelle Lang, the Asst Univ. Librarian for Graduate Services at Pace University and I serve our graduate students working towards doctoral degrees.  I have been a librarian for 20 years helping doctoral students just like you.  While my specialties are Public Administration, Computer Science, Business and Mental Health and Counseling, I am interested in many subjects and I have expertise in numerous disciplines.  Please feel free to contact me for all your research needs.



  • RESEARCH HELP  via-email ( or in person at either Birnbaum Library or Mortola Library or by phone (212) 346-1778.
  • Course-integrated instruction tailored to assignments and research interests, email me to set up an instructional session.  I am happy to come to your classroom.
  • One-on-one research consultation for all master’s and doctoral students email me for an appointment
  • Faculty consultations for Citation Analysis, Scholarly Impact and Metric Impact

Asst Univ. Librarian for Graduate Services

Michelle Lang's picture
Michelle Lang
Michelle Lang
Asst Univ. Librarian Graduate Services
Pace University
Mortola Library, 2nd Floor, Pleasantville
Birnbaum Library, 1st Floor NYC
(212) 346-1778 rings at both offices