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Full power has been restored to One Pace Plaza. The primary power source into the building was temporarily shut off on Sunday afternoon to resolve a power grid issue resulting from an electrical fire in the Con Edison electrical vault. The Birnbaum Library will be closed and classes that are held at One Pace Plaza are cancelled on Monday, April 10th.

When: April 10, 2017

The Birnbaum library will reopen on Tuesday, April 11 at 8am.


Access Services: Content

You must be a currently enrolled student or a current member of faculty or staff to borrow from the Pace libraries. The following are accepted as proof of current registration: 
  • Pace ID with current validation sticker
  • Printout of current registration or class schedule WITH Pace ID
  • Library barcode
A barcode is required to request books from the Connect NY consortium or to request ILLiad Interlibrary Loans. A barcode may also be used to check out Pace Library materials, though it is not required. You can get a library barcode at the Circulation Desk at any Pace library location. You can also email to request a barcode. You will need a current Pace I.D., registration sticker or bursar receipt to receive a barcode.
Students and part-time staff may borrow books for four weeks. Faculty, administration and staff are given a full semester loan. The policy on reserve items varies; inquire at the Circulation Desk. DVDs and videos may be borrowed for five days with no renewals. Periodicals and reference books don't circulate. Students and part-time staff are allowed to borrow up to 15 items at a time. The maximum for faculty and full-time staff is 25 items. The due date for all books is provided on a "date due" receipt.
Two 4-week renewals are permitted if the book has not been requested by another reader. There are no renewals on reserve materials. You may not renew a book if it is more than 5 days overdue. You may renew books in person at the Circulation Desk, online in the library catalog, or by telephone 212.346.1332 (Birnbaum) or 914.773.3380 (Mortola).
  • The fine on overdue books is 10 cents/day per book, excluding days the library is closed. The maximum fine for an overdue book is $25.00.
  • The fine on overdue hourly reserve books is $1.00/hour or part of an hour. You will be fined $5.00/day if you remove hourly reserve items or periodicals from the library, or if you do not return one-day or seven-day reserve books on time. Reserve book fines can accumulate as high as $100.
  • The overdue video/DVD fine is $2.00/day.
  • Borrowing and ILL privileges will be blocked when $20.00 or more is owed to the library.
  • If you fail to return an item you borrowed, a hold will be placed on your entire account in Banner, and you will not be able to register, request transcripts, receive your diploma, and more.
You will be charged a replacement fee of $75.00 if you lose a book. If the book is found and returned to the library within 90 days of the due date, the replacement fee will be refunded. You may also elect to replace the lost book with an equivalent book (new; undamaged; same edition/year/publisher), in which case all fees are waived. The replacement fee for lost or damaged DVDs/videos is $30.00. The fee for lost ConnectNY Books is $100.00.
If a book that you need is on loan to another reader, you may request that a hold be placed on the book. When the book is returned to the library, you will be notified that it is being held for you at the Circulation Desk. The Circulation Desk will hold the book for approximately one week.
Videocassettes and DVDs circulate for five days with no renewals. Viewing equipment is available on the first floor of the Birnbaum Library and on the first floor of the Mortola Library.
The library can recall checked-out books at any time to place them on reserve. If another patron needs a book, it can be recalled after it has been checked out for four weeks. A fine of 50 cents/day per item will be charged for recalled items not returned by the recall date. Failure to return recalled items will result in suspension of borrowing privileges until the items are returned.
  • At the Birnbaum Library, provide the call number when requesting reserve material.
  • At the Mortola Library, provide your faculty member's name when requesting reserve material.
  • Reserve materials consist of popular reference books, readings assigned by your instructor and some textbooks. Check for reserve material by course or professor name on the online library catalog. A library barcode is required to request and to borrow reserve materials, usually for two hours in the library.
Connect NY is a consortium of 18 New York State academic libraries that share collections. Books ordered from ConnectNY generally arrive within 5 business days. ConnectNY books are borrowed for your use from another library; please take good care of these items. Pace students may also go to any ConnectNY library and borrow or return books there if they have their Pace ID with them.
  • The initial loan period for ConnectNY is 42 days (six weeks). One 42-day renewal is allowed.
  • The lending library has the right to recall the book at any time. Fines are 10 cents/day for late returns. There is a $100 charge for lost or damaged books.
For materials that are not available either in the Pace or Connect NY collections, we use the ILLiad system. The service is free to current Pace students, faculty, and staff. Use ILLiad to order journal articles that are not available via Pace’s subscriptions, or books that are not available in the Pace or Connect NY collections. Loan periods, renewals, and lost materials fees vary, as they are set by the lending institution.
The Pace University Libraries welcome alumni. As of February 2015, the University no longer requires you to have a Pace Alumni ID card to enter university premises. You may simply present a government-issued photo ID and sign in at one of the security desks for entry. To use the library computers, request an alumni user name from the Alumni Office. You can also use your user name and password to gain access to the wireless network from your personal laptop. If you need to print or copy, you can add credit to your account at the library circulation desk; the cost is $.06/page for black and white copies, and $.30/page for color copies. You are entitled to on-site use of library materials. At this time, no circulation privileges or remote access to library databases are available to alumni.
Pace Adult Resource Center (PARC) members are welcome to visit the Pace Libraries to use the books, periodicals, computers, and electronic resources. At this time, no circulation privileges or remote access to library databases are available to PARC members.
Researchers from outside the Pace University community must contact the library in advance to request access. Access may be granted to visitors with legitimate research needs for temporary, on-site use of our collections. Please e-mail Eloise Flood ( to apply for research access. In all circumstances, priority access to materials, services, and facilities will go to current Pace University affiliates. Visitors may be required to relinquish use of resources in certain instances. Access to certain computer resources may also be limited to current Pace University affiliates and may not be accessible to the general public. All resources are for on-site use only.
The Mortola Library maintains an open access policy for the local community and no appointments or advance preparations are required. As with our other libraries, however, priority access to materials, services, and facilities will go to current Pace University affiliates. Visitors may be required to relinquish use of resources in some instances. Access to certain computer resources may also be limited to current Pace University affiliates and may not be accessible to the general public. All resources are for on-site use only.


METRO referral cards are available for current Pace University faculty, staff, and students. METRO referral cards allow for on-site access to materials available in many New York metropolitan libraries. A demonstrated need for access to a specific resource or subject area not available at Pace may be required in order to obtain a referral. Please visit a Pace University Library Reference Desk to apply for a referral card or to get more information about accessing other New York area libraries.
The Pace Library is a member of the Westchester Academic Library Directors Organization (WALDO). WALDO is a cooperative venture among many academic libraries in the New York metro area that allows reciprocal on-site access to a member libraries' students. Pace students are allowed to visit any of the WALDO member libraries and after displaying their current Pace ID card will have on-site access to many of their local resources.  Pace faculty members have direct borrowing privileges for the circulating materials in those libraries by first getting a WALDO sticker from the Access Services Desk from any Pace Library location. To ensure admittance, please make sure to carry your current Pace ID when visiting a WALDO member library.


Eloise Flood
Head of Access Services
Birnbaum Library
New York City, NY

  • Circulation Desk
Nadine MacDonald
Access Services Coordinator
Mortola Library
Pleasantville, NY

  • Circulation Desk

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