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Full power has been restored to One Pace Plaza. The primary power source into the building was temporarily shut off on Sunday afternoon to resolve a power grid issue resulting from an electrical fire in the Con Edison electrical vault. The Birnbaum Library will be closed and classes that are held at One Pace Plaza are cancelled on Monday, April 10th.

When: April 10, 2017

The Birnbaum library will reopen on Tuesday, April 11 at 8am.


Distance Education Services: Content

The Pace University Library fosters and supports distance educational and service programs at the University, extending the University's traditional mission to meet the evolving educational needs of these faculty and students.

We follow the guiding principle that services and resources available to local students and faculty, should also be available to our distance education population. To this end, we have developed innovative services and resources to assist our distance education population in their studies and research.

The Distance Education Services Guide addresses services and resources to make your online experience easier. Information is organized by:


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