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Identify Your Target

You can use the Simmons: Choices 3 database to identify your target. For example, if you are marketing herbal tea, you need to determine who your target market is - is it women? men? women aged 18-24? women aged 35-44? Simmons can help you answer these questions.

The Simmons: Choices 3 tool contains the results of the Simmons Survey of Media and Markets. Reports on the products consumers buy, the brands they prefer, their lifestyles, attitudes and media preferences can be generated. This is a CD-ROM product only accessible within the library.

This guide will walk you through the steps to build a Crosstabulation in Simmons: Choices 3:


Psychographics & Media Usage

Learn about your Target's Attitudes, Opinions, Lifestyles, Media Usage

Consumer Trends & Lifestyles

Subject Guide

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