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LIT 211U Latinx Voices & LIT 213C Participatory Literature

This is a course guide for LIT 211U Latinx Voices and LIT 213C Participatory Literature for Fall 2020. Use this guide to explore resources and services available for your term projects and research.

Maps & Additional Resources

NYC Open Data

Walking Tour Examples

Look into the history of a particular address on the tour:

  • Search by address for historical photographs of the site or places nearby on the New York Public Library’s Old NYC: Mapping Historical Photographs of New York City.
  • Search for building history in the NYPL’s digitized collection of New York City Directories.

Conduct research on a person or publication featured on the tour:

  • What basic information is available about your publications and its writers or editors? (Were you able to find anything with a basic Google search?)
  • Are there scholarly articles available about your publications? If so, list the articles. (Go to Pace University Library – Databases – MLA International Bibliography)
  • Are there copies of the original publication available? If so, where? (Go to NYPL – Databases – WorldCat. Enter the title in the “search for” box, and “title” in the dropdown menu next to that box. In the “limit type to” section, click the box marked “Serial Publications”)
  • What is the building where the publication was headquartered being used for now? Is there any indication at that site of its history in relation to New York’s Spanish-language press?