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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Quotes From a Few Faculty

Professor Barbara Edington, NYC Adjunct Professor, MBA, PMP: OER materials help me to reach students who otherwise would not be able to afford the high cost of textbooks. There are great resources available including videos in addition to textbooks and articles that help to solidify difficult concepts.
Professor Maralyn Schlanger, Pleasantville English Faculty: I would suggest that all faculty members embrace this new choice. The students and faculty benefit by using OER. The OER materials are free and all students have immediate access to the course materials on Blackboard. The materials can be updated, supplemented, and adapted as needed. Professor Robert Mundy, Pleasantville English Faculty On issues of social justice and OER: In a general sense, OER provides inexpensive, if not free, access to educational materials. OER also allows for an expanded amount of texts to be included in a classroom. So, in a sense, the ‘traditional’ names, scholars, and scholarship can be added to and some instances challenged, given the lack of voices—race, gender, sexuality, etc.—in what constitutes the academic cannon.