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Psychology Research

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Which Database Should You Use?

Selecting the right database can be the best way to find relevant articles about research results.  You may want to start with a general database, like JSTOR and then move on to a more specialized one like PsycInfo.  If you can't seem to find anything on your research topic, try different keywords. Also, look at the Subject Headings or Descriptors that help describe an article. Also consider trying another database.  Remember, you can always ask for help by using the ask a librarian box.

research database:

  • can be subject specific (e.g. psychology literature)  or multidisciplinary (includes articles from many academic disciplines and professions).
  • usually includes many useful filters to narrow results and features such as saving articles in folders, email, citation, and more
  • may include articles that have only a citation and abstract; but clicking may lead to the full-text article in another Pace database or to the opportunity to request the article via ILLiad (we request the article from another library, and they send it to you!).
  • often includes the full text of an article in PDF or HTML format.
  • may be fairly small as far as number of journals, magazines, and newspapers included (for example, the Sage Journals database) or quite large (such as Academic Search Ultimate.)