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Physician Assistant Program

Evidence-Based Practice as a Topic

Understanding Levels of Evidence

An important concept in Evidence Based Practice is understanding the different levels of evidence:



It's important to understand the difference between Medline and PubMed.  Medline is part of PubMed; when you search PubMed you are searching all of Medline, but if you only search Medline you will miss some material that is only in PubMed.

Comparing PubMed and Medline

For a truly thorough literature search you must search PubMed, not just Medline.  PubMed includes very new in-process articles that haven't yet been fully indexed for Medline, and other publications that do not meet the inclusion criteria for Medline.  Be aware that by building a search in the MeSH database you are by default only searching Medline, because only articles indexed for Medline have MeSH terms assigned to them.

For more details on the differences between PubMed and Medline, see here.

Resources for Evidence-Based Practice