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Transfer Students: Library Guide

New to Pace? Explore the library using this guide.

Pace Library Catalog

Subject Headings, Keywords, & using AND/OR/NOT

Subject Terms and/or Headings are terms that are used to describe the content of an item. Searching by subject will bring you materials that are explicitly about that topic. You can use subject terms to view items that have also been "tagged" as being about a particular topic. Keep in mind, that subject terms and/or headings  are pre-selected. When you're starting your research try using both broad and specific terms - this will help you discover different subjects that you can also search by.


To search by subject in the Pace Library Catalog, select "Subject" from the drop down menu under "Books & Media":

A Keyword Search will search for any time a word or phrase is mentioned in the description and/or record of an item. Starting your research with a keyword search can help you find more relevant subject terms, which can help you narrow (or expand) your search results.

Using AND, OR, or NOT  to combine your search terms, search for similar terms, or exclude terms can help you discover more relevant information on your topic:

Use "AND" to combine terms:  

(women AND computer science)

Use "OR" to use similar terms:  

(woman OR women)

Use "NOT" to use exclude terms:  

(computer science NOT software)

Getting Started with Research: Picking a Topic

What's your main idea? What other ideas, concepts, or arguments relate to that idea? Breaking down your topic can help you narrow it down, and help you with specific keywords and search terms.

Use the "spider web" map below to brainstorm your topic.

"Mapping Your Research Ideas" by UCLA Libraries:

Subject Specific Databases

The Library subscribes to over 200 hundred databases. To browse and search databases organized by subject, select "Databases" from the library homepage and select a subject from the drop down menu:

Research Guides: Subject Specific Resources

Getting started with research and not quite sure where to start? A research guide can help you discover the information that you need.

Research Guides give you more information on the resources and services available through the library on a specific topic. They have been created, and are maintained by the librarians at Pace Libraries.

You can browse our guides from the library homepage, or view our full list here.