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Citation Searching: Citation Searching by Database Interface

How to find documents that cite a given article

General Information

The Pace University Libraries subscribe to a number of databases, many of which are offered by a few large vendors. More than 80 of the databases accessible through the Pace libraries are hosted by EBSCO, ProQuest, or Gale/Infotrac. EBSCO and ProQuest both offer citation searching within some of their databases. Currently, Gale/Infotrac does not.

Use the dropdown menu under "Citation Searching by Database" to learn more about citation searching within the EBSCO and ProQuest families of databases, as well as JSTOR.

Comparison of Citation Search Results

Your citation search will only reflect articles that are indexed in the specific database you are searching. If you do a citation search on an article in EBSCO's Academic Search Premier, it will only count citations indexed in Academic Search Premier. If you search the same article in ProQuest, it will only return results from ProQuest.

Below is a sample search of the same article conducted via an EBSCO interface, a ProQuest interface, and Google Scholar. Note the wide variation in the numbers of results.

1. EBSCO search result::

2: ProQuest search result:

 3: Google Scholar search result: