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Public Health, Primary Health Care and Epidemiology

This guide lists resources for finding public health and epidemiology related articles and statistics.

Introduction to large data sets

Where do I begin?

There is such a huge range of data sources, it can be really hard to know where to start.  Here are a few suggestions for good starting points.  Look through the other tabs in this guide for more thorough lists of data sources in each area.


I'm looking for...



Data about people in the U.S., eg. race/ethnicity, income, national origin..

                 Start with US Census search from the U.S. Census. You can eventually move to other resources in the U.S. National Statistics tab.

National data about health in the U.S., including infectious diseases, substance abuse and violence:

            CDC Data and Statistics

State-level data about the health of the U.S. population:

               Kaiser Foundation's State Health Facts

                        Available data categories are:

For city or local level data, you can start with that community's department of health.

New York City health data:

          NYC Epiquery

               There are different data sets available.  Look through the list for the one that fits your information need.