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BUS 255: Professional Planning and Practice for Internships & Careers

Being Well Informed About Business Industries


This guide should help you learn where to turn--beyond Google--to identify news, issues, and trends in your chosen profession as well as in the world. Pace University Libraries provide access to the full text of hundreds of business publications, newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and scholarly journals. You are helping fund these valuable resources, so take advantage! After you graduate, you'll need to personally subscribe to the publications most important to you and your career.


We still have a library in 2024 because so many publications are not free on the Internet and because students more than ever need help learning how to conduct effective research and make sense of the digital world we're living in (which still includes print publications). Using library resources saves time, as well, believe it or not!


Google makes our lives easier, and it's great for quickly identifying NAICS codes, company symbols, and other basic information. But it's not the best tool for keeping current in a profession or industry. This guide is designed to point you to resources you might not know about and to remind you of the importance of others. Resources are usually thought to be books and other publications, but they also includes librarians, research guides, and services like InterLibrary Loan (ILL), which you can use to obtain books and articles that Pace doesn't have.


Email me any questions, comments, or feedback! Susan Thomas, Instructional Services Librarian, Beekman Library,