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ENG 110: Rhetorical Analysis & Editorial Style Essay

Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

For the "Rhetorical Genre Analysis" assignment and the "Editorial Style Essay" assignment, you are asked to select 2 to 3 editorial texts addressing a singular topic that you believe are good examples of writing in the genre:

"A rhetorical genre analysis requires you to consider the effectiveness of how a writer presents a topic using rhetoric within the constraints of a genre instead of the extent to which you agree or disagree with the writer. Understanding the relationship between writerly intention, audience, genre expectations, and how writers use rhetoric will help you consider the issues around rhetoric and genres and for whom."

"Start Here" text over a yellow background with icons related to searching: books, computer, magnifying glass, article, compass

A great place to start searching for editorials, opinion pieces and "viewpoint essays" is the Opposing Viewpoints database, available here:

Below is a video showing how to access and search this database.



In addition -- in the boxes below, you will find direct links to additional sources which are easy to browse. Since some of the sources require a subscription, the second link (if needed) will provide you access to additional articles through the Pace Library databases.

At the bottom of the page is a video explaining how to search the publication pages. 

Traditional Media

Conservative Media

Liberal Media

Business Media

Sports Media

Music Media

Searching for Articles

Starting at 33 seconds, this video will explain how to search for specific articles in publications using the Pace databases. (Most relevant information ends around 6 minutes).