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Public Administration MPA Research Page


Is My Article Peer-Reviewed?

There are two ways to find out whether or not your selected journal article is peer-reviewed.  One way is via Google; follow these steps: 
1. Note the name of the journal from the citation.  2. Type the name "in quotes," into the regular version of Google in order to find that journal's homepage.  TIP: Journals typically state the fact that they are "peer reviewed" (also known as “refereed” or “juried” or "blind reviewed."  If, in the description, none of those words are used then you can be sure it is not "peer reviewed."
The next way to find out is via the Pace database called Ulrich's Web; follow these steps:
1. Note the name of journal from the citation.
2. Login to Ulrich's Web. If you are off campus, you will need to input your Pace username and password. 
3. Once in the database, type in the name of the journal in the search box for example: Nature    then click on the title and a profile of the journal will appear.  If you see this symbol:
ulrich's refereed icon that means the journal  is refereed, i.e. peer-reviewed.  If you don't see that symbol next to the journal name it's not peer-reviewed.

First things first

So you're starting your MPA program and research projects loom... where to start? 

A few things to get out of the way:

1. Register for your ILLiad (InterLibrary Loan) account here:

         Click on ILLiad login buttonand log in with your Pace username and password

         Fill out the profile information, using your Pace email address

        Through ILLiad you can request articles that are not available full text in Pace library databases.  Articles arrive in 24-48 hours and can be downloaded through your ILLiad account.

         You can learn more about ILLiad here.


2. Get a library barcode

       Stop by the library Circulation desk and ask for a barcode, or email with your name and U number.

Pace library barcode

 Your barcode allows you to request books from other Pace campuses and our partner libraries in New York state. You also need your barcode to log in to your library account and renew books online.


Below are some quick tutorials that will aid you in your research, whether you are looking for scholarly articles, or a book or a dissertation or maybe a New York Times article . . . HELP is only a few clicks away.  There is also a brief tutorial on searching GOOGLE Scholar.   

You can also access many other “how to . . .”  Pace Video Tutorials by going to the following page:

Introduction to library resources

Here is a short (18 minute) video that highlights library resources and services for PAA601 students:

MPA Capstone Thesis Access

Some of the MPA Capstones are available digitally, and can be accessed through the Pace Digital Commons.

To get a list of MPA Capstones search the Pace library catalog with the keyword MPA capstone. The printed MPA Capstones are kept in the Mortola Library in Pleasantville on the 2nd floor next to the staircase.  You can read the theses in the library or contact Jennifer Rosenstein for special permission to check out a MPA Capstone Thesis.

Looking for a Dissertation? ProQuest Dissertations & Theses