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Book Reviews

Getting Started

Questions to ask yourself before you begin:

When was the book published?
You do not want to look in an index that covers the years 1985-present if your book was published in 1980. Check for the original publication date of the book, you may have a reprint or second edition.

What is the subject of the book?
Should you be using a specialized index or database? Use the tabs above to access subject-specific databases where you can find book reviews.

Print Sources

Book Review Digest
Beekman Ref Z1219.C5 (1905 - present)
Mortola Periodicals (1905-2002)
Indexes a limited number of popular and scholarly periodicals. Arranged alphabetically by author; includes a subject and title index. Most citations include a summary of the book, excerpts from the review, and an indication of the length of the review.

Book Review Index
Beekman Ref Index Z1025.A1 B6 (1984-present)
Mortola Bound Periodicals (1965 - 1993)
Indexes over 600 publications including review journals, national publications, and scholarly and literary journals. Arranged alphabetically by author. Includes a title index. Includes Children's books.

Magill's Literary Annual
Beekman Ref Reserve PN44.M332 (1977- present)
Mortola Reference PN44.M35 (1977-present)
Essay reviews of the outstanding books of the previous year printed in the United States.

General Sources