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Urban Sketching: Sketch Your World

NOTE: The collaborative aspects of this event have already taken place. However, the informational content in this guide is still up to date. 

Urban Sketching: Sketch Your World


Join the Pace Libraries this September 2022 for a month-long urban sketching event that encourages students, faculty, and staff to draw their world in the moment and connect with their surroundings.  

  • Each Monday in September, we'll post a sketching prompt on the Library’s social media, @PaceLibrary, and here on our guide. Check out the "About Urban Sketching" tab to learn about sketching.

  • In addition, we’ll host an in-person meet up to sketch together and share our work. You do not need to be an artist, expert, or have your own materials. We will provide materials at our in-person events so you can focus on capturing what you see.   

  • Make a zine! At our two campus locations, we’ll share templates for you to use to create a sketch zine.  

  • Share your work! Visit the Submit Your Work tab on the left navigation. Use the form to share your sketches and they'll be included in our Digital Gallery.  

2022 Sketching Prompts

An icon of a hand sketching shapesEach week, you can use one of our prompts below for inspiration or choose your own view based on your day! Check out the "About Urban Sketching" tab to learn about sketching.

  • September 6 – Draw the view from your window. 
  • September 12 – Draw one of your meals.  
  • September 19 – Draw a favorite place in your home.  
  • September 26 – Draw an interesting building from your day. 

Use our hashtag to add your sketch to the conversation or follow along! Or submit your work using the tab on the left to be included in our digital gallery. 


Draw icons created by Nhor Phai - Flaticon


This initiative was inspired by the work of librarians and faculty at Rutgers University. See their work here