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ENG 120 Joshi fall 2023

Researching subcultures for an autoethnography essay

Finding Print and E-Books at Pace and Beyond

Use Books & Media when you are searching for books in general or for a particular book, perhaps from a Wikipedia entry, from the References in an article or another book, or that you saw on Amazon or in a bookstore.  Books are rarely available for free on the Internet, so make sure you take advantage of what the library owns. We have both e-books and "print" books.

Note: if you are looking for a book and don’t get a result at Pace, expand to Libraries Worldwide on the left. You can request any book Pace doesn't own through our InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service.

Recommended Databases for Most Research Topics

  • Academic Search Ultimate (A) A partly full-text article and indexing database that covers almost all subjects. Includes academic or scholarly journal articles, plus magazine and newspaper articles. Limit to full-text results to make it easier.
  • JSTOR (J). A huge, full-text article and book chapter database.
  • Ebook Central (E) A huge database of electronic books. Just follow the links to log in, and look at the table of contents or index to see where your topic is discussed.
  • New York Times Current (N) 1990-current (N) More current version of NYT lacking the PDF format of the actual newspaper.
  • Credo Reference subject encyclopedia database--use in addition to or instead of Wikipedia. Encyclopedias are known for compiling primary and secondary sources. As a result, they are considered tertiary sources.

Click here for the opportunity to view databases by Subject or by Alpha by Title. It's a good idea to browse the entire list in order to start to learn what we subscribe to. Most of the articles, books, and films that the library provides access to are not free on the Internet. Also, your tuition dollars help fund the library. Overall, you'll need to become skilled in searching Google, Google Scholar, Pace University Libraries, and other websites that might be important to your major or your interests.