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Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and Theses in Databases

Interlibrary Loan

Current Pace University students, faculty and staff can request copies of dissertations through Interlibrary loan. If we cannot find an institution willing to loan, you may opt to to purchase a dissertation through Pace University. The cost is $33 for an unbound shrinkwrapped paper copy or $31 for a pdf download. You can purchase dissertations directly also. Unbound copies of many dissertations are available for purchase through Dissertation Express for a fee of $39 for unbound and $38 for pdf (choose the first option of "Dissertation Express for ordering".

Contact the Staff

For help with ILL requests or to purchase a thesis, contact the ILL department at your campus library:

New York:
(212) 346-1734

(914) 773-3853