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Public Health, Primary Health Care and Epidemiology

This guide lists resources for finding public health and epidemiology related articles and statistics.

New England


Rhode Island Department of Health: Data

For all Rhode Island state health data.

Chronic Conditions

Check the Rhode Island Data tab for data related to specific chronic conditions.

Health Equity

Youth Risk Behavior

Check the Rhode Island Data tab for data related to specific risk factors.

Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System

Search for datasets by selecting options (three lines on the top-left corner) and "Data".



Open New York Health Data

  • database of all open NYS excluding NYC health data. Some datasets may require the use of statistical analysis tools such as SAS or SPSS.

Statistics on communicable diseases at the State and County levels

  • See especially the "Communicable Disease in New York State Annual Reports".

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Reports

  • See reports that estimate prevalence based on sample sizes.

Asthma Information

New York State Cancer Registry

Diabetes in New York State

Heart Disease Statistics

NY Office of Mental Health (OMH) Statistics

Other vital statistics, information on Leading Causes of Death is collected by state health departments.  Census Tract-level data is most likely unavailable.

Local level vital statistics

  • You may be able to find leading causes of death in your Community on local government Web sites. New York City, for example, publishes cause of death information for the city as a whole, and for various community districts, in the "Vital Statistics Summary" (  If your local government does not provide cause of death data, try the Infoshare Database


New York City Department of Health Data

The NYC Department of Health makes data available to researchers and the public through various interactive tools. In addition the recently revamped the interactive EpiQuery tool, they launched the Community Health Profiles tool, which allows you to explore the health of your neighborhood and compare it with other communities across the city.

Keeping Track Online: NYC Children

Pennsylvania Department of Health

For all Pennsylvania state health information. Specific topics can be selected.

Pennsylvania Data Dashboard

  • Dashboards covering specific health topics of concern in the state of Pennsylvania.

Healthy People 2030

  • Pennsylvania statistics in relation to Healthy People 2030.

South Atlantic

Florida Community Health Assessment Resource Tool Set (CHARTS)

  • Hub for community health information in the state of Florida.

Florida Drug Overdose Surveillance and Epidemiology (DOSE)

  • Data focused on opioid misuse.

Florida Environmental Public Health Tracking

  • Hub for data related to environmental public health issues.

Florida Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS)

  • Survey data covering behavioral risk factors at the state and county levels.

Florida Healthy People 2030

  • Focuses on four participating counties.

Georgia Online Analytical Statistical Information System (OASIS)

  • Hub for all Georgia state health data

Georgia Drug Surveillance Unit

  • Reports on opioid misuse

Georgia Public Health Information Portal (PHIP)

  • Online system for requesting public health data from the Georgia Department of Public Health.


Healthy People 2030

Virginia Department of Health Data Portal

  • Hub for health data in the state of Virginia. Navigate different topics via various tabs on the left.

Virginia Department of Health Office of Family  Health

  • Hub for environmental and behavioral risk health data.