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Consent and Sexual Communication

This guide feature resources on the topic of consent and sexual communication.


This guide offers suggested information resources, including academic research, around the topic of consent.

If you are a Pace student struggling with issues related to sexual misconduct (in any form, not exclusively sexual violence), please contact the Office of Sexual and Interpersonal Welllness.

Dyson faculty Aditi Paul

This guide is inspired by the work of former Dyson faculty member Dr. Aditi Paul.  Her  book, The Current Collegiate Hookup Culture:Dating Apps, Hookup Scripts, and Sexual Outcomes is currently available as an ebook from the Pace library.

Cover image of  the book The Current Collegiate Hookup Culture

From the publisher:

"The Current Collegiate Hookup Culture provides a holistic picture of the current hookup culture in American college campuses....The Current Collegiate Hookup Culture calls into question long-held gender-specific beliefs about the collegiate hookup culture and advocates moving past dated assumptions for an understanding that more accurately represents the current hookup culture in American college campuses."