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Mortola Library Artwork

Artwork on Display

This website showcases the artwork on display in the Mortola Library, following a newly created collaboration with the University Curator. We are excited about this new partnership and hope to enable exposure and appreciation of some of the many pieces in the Pace art collection!

Use the tabs on the left to learn more about each artist and their works.

Mortola Library Artwork

Jasha Green, Piece 1

Jasha Green, Piece 2

Jasha Green, Piece 3

Jasha Green, Piece 4

Jasha Green, Piece 5

Jasha Green, Piece 6

Jasha Green, Piece 7

Jasha Green Piece 8

Tom Kendall, Piece 1

Tom Kendall, Piece 2

Tom Kendall, Piece 3

Tom Kendall, Piece 4

Tom Kendall, Piece 5

Tom Kendall, Piece 6

Tom Kendall, Piece 7

Tom Kendall, Piece 8

Tom Kendall, Piece 9

Pete Turner, Ibiza Woman

Pete Turner, Road Song

Pete Turner, Boat Wake

Pete Turner, Blue Walls and Light