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Pace Academy Writing Program: Self-Publishing Zine Activity

An exploration of the historical and contemporary world of self-publishing and independent publishing, with a focus on Manhattan from the Lower East Side to Wall Street.

You'll Be Making a Zine

Overall, the paper format prevails in the zine world, but you will find an increasing number of digitized or born-digital zines on the Internet. Some paper or print zines originate in the digital world. I can make a print zine using Word, Google Slides, Canva, and even Powerpoint.

For this activity, you'll use Word to make a zine designed to be downloaded, printed, folded, and held in your hands. In other words, we'll use technology to make an "analog" paper booklet, a zine.

Please note that your Word zine will NOT be readable online. On your screen, the page numbers will appear out of order. When your zine is printed, the pages will fall into place.

You'll meet with Susan and Abby, Pace University librarians, on Wednesday, and they'll tell you more about zines, the Pace Zine Library, and your assignment.  On Thursday you'll make your zine. You'll save it as a PDF and upload to a shared folder (details on Wednesday). Then the Pace copy center will print copies for you, and you'll discuss and exchange your self-published zines on Friday.

Tips for Preparing to Make Your Zine

*Photos are great in zines and perfect for this activity. Take a bunch of photos Monday-Wednesday and make sure you can access them on your laptop on Thursday.
*If you can draw, go for it!
*Write down observations, thoughts, musings, questions, ideas that occur to you during the week