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Simmons Catalyst

Simmons Updates & Help

Starting in January, 2024 the Pace Library will have access to a new dataset and search interface
for the "MRI-Simmons USA" Survey. The interface will be called "Simmons Catalyst."

To learn more about the MRI-Simmons USA survey, logon to the Simmons database using your Pace credentials.

  • Click on the ? icon near the top, right of the page
  • Click to open the "Understanding the Survey" folder
  • Find and click on the "MRI-Simmons USA FAQ" link

Highlights from the new survey:

The MRI-Simmons USA survey is conducted using probabilistic sampling. "The gold standard (and proven) sampling methodology is probabilistic and address-based. By design, it ensures all adults (18+) in the US have a known chance of being selected to participate in a survey. The MRI-Simmons sampling process begins with a comprehensive database of all household addresses provided by the US Postal Service. They oversample in the Top 11 DMAs and among households identified as likely to be Black or Hispanic."

MRI-Simmons USA uses a combination of in-person personal interviews focusing on demographics, media behaviors, and attitudes, followed by an in-depth self-administered survey on product usage, leisure activities, and psychographics.

The sample size will be at least 30,000+ respondents

The MRI-Simmons USA survey will be an ongoing 12-month survey

  • Each 12-month survey will consist of two 6-month waves of data
  • You will be able to look at the most recent wave (6 months) of data in the datasets of Spring and Fall via a toggle in the software platforms/search interface.

Psychographics have been expanded in Simmons Catalyst. The "Psychographics" section of the Crosstab Dictionary now includes more than just “Attitude” statements. Look at all the options in that folder to see what is available!
•    In the “Psychographics” folder browse/search for desired attitudes or other variables
•    “Daily Activities” are now found in the “Psychographics” folder
•    “Segments” (formerly "Segmentation Solutions") are now found in the “Psychographics” folder

Many detailed psychographics are also now available in "Quick Reports"


The most "basic" thing you can do in Simmons is create a Crosstabulation - you put things in Columns (usually groups of people, targets) and you put things in Rows. The data in each cell tells you how likely it is the people in the Column "do" the thing in the Row.

Quick Reports

Additional and more in-depth Quick Reports are available in the new Simmons Catalyst interface - check these out for more media consumption data and psychographics information:

  • Note that different Quick Reports are available depending on the Study chosen at the top, left of the Composer screen - switch to the appropriate Study to generate the various Quick Reports:
    • 2021 Spring MRI-Simmons USA
    • or
    • Spring 2021 MRI-Simmons Connect