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fall 2023

Explore Possible Research Topics

Check out Opposing Viewpoints in Context (you'll need to log on if off campus) Click BROWSE ISSUES to see a complete list of topics; otherwise, just browse the site. Or type in your search term(s). This is a great resource for persuasive or argumentative papers.

Much of the content in this database is opinion, not scholarship.  For scholarship, limit to academic journal articles. I find this database does not have the best articles, though. In short, do not use JUST this database to find articles about a topic.

Credo Reference Academic Core is a good place for finding many definitions of a topic. Most of the books in this database are encyclopedias about a subject. Think of it as an alternative to Wikipedia. The books in Credo are published by known authors and editors who are authorities on a topic. Despite not having known authors, Wikipedia has been found to be very accurate most of the time. However, the more controversial the topic, the more skeptical you should be of the Wikipedia entry. Your professors may not allow you to use a Wikipedia entry as a source.

In CREDO, you can browse popular research topics or type in a topic you are interested in.