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fall 2023

What Types of Sources of Information Should you Find??

When you have a research assignment, figure out what types of sources of information are required by your professor: sources like books, magazine articles, academic journal articles, websites, films, newspaper articles, and social media posts, could be cited in your paper. Here are some sources of information, knowledge, and data you should be familiar with and start reading and citing.

Image credits: Scholarly Journals: Trent University Library and Archives Libguide; Popular Magazines: St. Paul’s High School Libguide

Print or E-Books:

Lengthy discussionsof topics. Books often take years to research, write, and then get published.

Scholarly or Academic Journal Articles: Written by scholars or experts in the field and reviewed by peers who are experts in the same area. Journal articles are often challenging to read and understand for undergraduate students, but you should expect to begin to read them and start to make sense of the discussions that are happening in them. They often reveal trends or developments, and this could include in professions or careers.

Popular magazine articles: Written for a general, educated audience rather than for professionals or scholars. Many cover current affairs and politics: The New YorkerMother Jones, The Nation, National Review, National Geographic, and Time. Other popular magazine articles are more about entertainment and human interest, for example, People, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, and Entertainment Weekly. Most of these make only some of their content available for free on the Internet: if you can’t get the entire article using Google, you may be able to find it via the library! 

Newspaper Articles: Written by professional journalists. Some newspapers are more reputable than others (have won journalism prizes like The Pulitzer Prize). Google usually finds recent newspaper articles. Ask a librarian if you’re having trouble. You’ll probably need to use library newspaper databases to find historical articles.