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Pace University Zine Library

Use this guide to learn more about the Pace University Zine LIbrary, a rich, growing collection that includes zines, chapbooks, pamphlets, artists' magazines, artists' books, and more. .

The Pace Zine Library is located at 41 Park Row, 15th floor (English dept.), room 1523. Thank you to the English Department for having us!

Click here to view hours when someone is staffing the Zine Library and it is open for drop-in visitors. NOTE: in upper right area, change the view from month to week or day to see all the details. You can also make an appointment if these hours don't work for you. Email us at

The Zine Library is a new resource for experiential pedagogy sponsored by the Faculty Center and developed so far by the generosity of the English Department, the Beekman Library, the Faculty Center,  and several faculty members.  The Library includes zines, pamphlets, artists' books, literary chapbooks, independent magazines, and radical and alternative publications of all kinds, both contemporary and historical. What unifies all these types of publications is a passionate attitude and an urgent desire to communicate and express. Whether political, cool, critical, intellectual, literary, or enthusiastic, zinesters and other creators don't wait for permission.  These self- or independent publications are not accountable to corporations, institutions, or commercial forces although a few are published by commercial forces, such as the Chime zine by the fashion company Gucci. The Zine Library consists primarily of zines found at specialized bookstores, zine fairs, and websites.

Being student centered is a goal of the Library, so we want to have students select zines as much as possible. We also want to to collect zines made by Pace students and to keep one print copy in the Library and one digitized copy in the Pace Digital Repository.

An early photo of the current location of the Pace Zine Library at  41 Park Row, room 1523! Shelves by Prof. Derek Stroup!