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Pace University Zine Library

Use this guide to learn more about the Pace University Zine LIbrary, a rich, growing collection that includes zines, chapbooks, pamphlets, artists' magazines, artists' books, and more. .

Students: Donate Your Paper Zine to the Pace Zine Library

An important part of the Zine Library collection is Pace student work. We are actively seeking student zines! 

We're not looking for the "original" of your zine, which probably has tape and glue. We'd love to get a photocopy of it!  If you need help with that, just get in touch. Most zines are usually photocopied in bunches of 10 or more!

Contact Susan Thomas at, Abby Schleifer at,  or Derek Stroup at to donate your zine.

Students: Upload Digital Copies of Your Zines

The Pace University Digital Commons provides space for student-made zines. This is a great opportunity to share your work with a larger audience. Who knows? Your zine might help you land an internship, make friends, and even get work!

There are many ways to create a digital zine, from digitizing an existing print zine to making a born-digital zine in InDesign or another software program. The main challenge with digitizing print zines is making them readable online, in the correct page order. We believe that many students know more than we do about digital work, but if you have questions, just get in touch with Susan Thomas at, Abby Schleifer at or Derek Stroup at In short, your zine must be in a file form, not a URL.

You  need to fill out a form, giving permission for Pace to upload your zine.