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Bloomberg Basics

Basic instructions for the Bloomberg database

What is Bloomberg?

The Bloomberg system offers both real-time and historic data on practically all publicly traded companies around the world.  In addition, you can find

  • company profiles
  • executive profiles
  • financial analysis
  • current news
  • and more

Creating an Account

To use the Bloomberg database, you must create an account. It's easy and takes less than five minutes.

1. Double-click the Bloomberg icon on the desktop to get started.

2. Hit <GO> or <Enter>.

3. Click "Create A New Login"

4. Answer the registration questions using Pace University for the employer information and your Pace email address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc. will not work). "Student" is not a valid job title, so type in whatever you want.

5. A Bloomberg customer support member will call or text you shortly to validate your new login.

Bloomberg Terminal Locations

  • Birnbaum Library: First floor, under the stairs (4 terminals)
  • G-PACT Room: One Pace Plaza, Room W-404 (8 terminals; click here for student access hours)
  • Mortola Library: First floor, by the tech desk (1 terminal)