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Basic instructions for the Bloomberg database

What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg is a powerful platform that brings together real-time data over 129 countries and 250 exchanges. Bloomberg provides financial market news, economic data, research, analytics, company financial as well as data on more than 5 million bonds, equities, commodities currencies, and funds. It covers almost every publicly traded company in the world and has profiles on more than a million people. 


  • Coverage of markets and securities.
  • Information asset classes - fixed incomes, equities, foreign exchange, commodities, and more.
  • Up-to-the-minute access to news that moves and shakes markets.
  • Professionals in the business community and make connections.

Creating an Account

To use the Bloomberg database, you must create an account. It's easy and takes less than five minutes.

1. Double-click the Bloomberg icon on the desktop to get started.

2. Hit <GO> or <Enter>.

3. Click "Create A New Login"

4. Answer the registration questions using Pace University for the employer information and your Pace email address (Gmail, Hotmail, etc. will not work). "Student" is not a valid job title, so type in whatever you want.

5. A Bloomberg customer support member will call or text you shortly to validate your new login.