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Basic instructions for the Bloomberg database

Types of Functions

There are two types of functions

- Non-security functions provide information or analysis on a entire market sector and do not require the user to load a security as a separate function.

Example: WEI is a non-security function because it provides information for dozens of equity indices on one screen. You can run WEI without loading a security. WEI<GO>

- Security-specific functions analyze a security that is loaded by the user.

Example: GP (Graph Price) is a security-specific function because you must specify a security before graphing its price. You must load a security to run the GP function: IBM US <EQUITY> GP <GO>


Securities are financial instruments - like stocks and bonds - that you can analyze with Bloomberg functions.

Loading Securities

If you know the ticker symbol for the security you want to load:

-Enter the ticker symbol in the command line.

-Press the yellow market sector key corresponding to the security type (<CORP>, <MUNI>, <EQUITY>, etc.)

-Press <GO>

Example: For Facebook, enter FB<EQUITY><GO>

If you don't know the ticker or any other identification number for the security you want to load: 

-In the command line, start typing a keyword for the financial instrument you want to analyze.

-Autocomplete will provide a list of suggested securities.

Non-Security Mnemonics for Broad Market Perspectives

If you know the function mnemonic:

-Enter the function mnemonic in the command line. Press <GO>

If you don't know the function mnemonic:

-Type a keyword for the informatio, you want. Autocomplete will provide a list of suggested functions.

ACDR<GO> Display an earnings announcement

CBQ<GO> Country overview: choose from more than 46 countries

ECO<GO> Display a calendar of economic releases

IBQ<GO> Industry overview: choose from more than 68 industries

IM<GO> Display a menu of treasury/money market and international bond monitors

MAIN<GO> Menus for market sectors, customer support and more

MOST<GO> Monitor the most active securities by volume, up, down and value

N<GO> The main news menu

QSRC<GO> Scan the Bloomberg Equity universe to find companies that match your selected criteria

READ<GO> Most popular news stories

TOP<GO> Display today's top business and general news headlines

WB<GO> World Government bond monitor

WEI<GO> Monitor worldwide returns for Equity indices

Mnemonics for Analyzing a Loaded Security

If you are already familiar with the ticker of the security:

Ticker<YELLOW KEY>Function<GO>

An equity example: FB<EQUITY>DES<GO>

BQ<GO> Price, trade, earnings, relative value data

CH1<GO> Financial summary

CH2<GO> Income statements

CH3<GO> Balance sheets

CN<GO> Company news

COMP<GO> Comparative returns

CPRP<GO> Current and historical credit ratings

DES<GO> Fundamental data and management information

DVD<GO> Dividend information

EE<GO> Earnings estimates

GIP<GO> Intraday price chart

GP<GO> Historical price graph and volume

GPO<GO> Graph historical prices and moving averages

HE<GO> Price/earnings ration table

HP<GO> Historical prices

ISSD<GO> Capital structure and cash flow breakdown

MA<GO> Mergers and acquisitions

PPC<GO> Peer product comparison

RELS<GO> Brands, people, subsidiaries

RV<GO> Relative value, customized peer group analysis