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Inter-Library Loan System OFFLINE

The library's ILLiad (inter-library loan) system is down. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to have the system restored as soon as possible.

Step by Step Instructions: Content

  1. Go to the Pace University Library
  2. In the Search Widget at the top of the page, click on the Databases tab

  3. On the Databases tab, click the Databases A to Z button

    STEP 3: Databases

  4. Select the database you want to search, for example, “ABI-Inform” from the list.
    Click on the name of the database to access it.

    STEP 4: ABI-Inform example

  5. Here is where you should see a page “Remote Authentication for Pace Library Databases and Resources”. There should be a box for logon, MyPace Portal Username. Select the appropriate choice, type in your Pace Portal username, for example, “EQ1353B”. Your password should be the password you use for and the MyPace Portal. Click Authenticate.

    STEP 5: Authentication
  6. A few moments will pass; some systems are faster then others. In Internet Explorer, You may receive a small “Security Alert” saying the following: “You are about to be redirected to a connection that is not secure.”

    This is absolutely normal, and press yes. This does not happen in all browsers.

    STEP 6: Security Alert

    If the process takes a really long time and then sends you to a page with a message that says “We’re Sorry… the user name/barcode or password is incorrect.

    It is possible you have typed you user credentials incorrectly or you have forgotten your password.

    If you are able to logon to and the MyPace Portal with the username/password, then the Library Remote Databases should work.

    If you have forgotten or need your password reset, you must deal with Information Technology Services.
    You can have them reset your email password at


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