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Inter-Library Loan System OFFLINE

The library's ILLiad (inter-library loan) system is down. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to have the system restored as soon as possible.

Find out if Pace has the periodical I need?: Content

To find article citations use a printed or electronic index, bibliography, or database to locate a citation to an article about a particular topic. If you are not sure which source to use--ask a librarian! A successful search will provide you with a list of citations. Citations contain all the information you need to obtain a copy of the article, usually including the article title, author, journal title, publication date, page number(s), etc.

You will need all of this information, so be sure to write it all down and keep it handy.

Example of a citation:

Gose, Ben. "Liberal-arts colleges ask: where have all the men gone? (growing female enrollment)." The Chronicle of Higher Education. 6 June 1997: A35.

Locating an Article

Periodicals (magazines and journals) owned by the Pace University Library are listed under the link for Journal Title Search.

  • From the library home page, select the Journal Title Search link.
  • Enter the title of the journal/magazine (not the title of the article.)

Your results may consist of more than one journal if the beginning of the name of the journal/magazine is popular. Be sure to locate the correct publication based on the name and, in some cases, the publication location of the journal.

  • Under the name of the journal, you may see several different options.
  • Check the dates to be sure that the particular issue/year you need is available. Then look at the listing(s) for the dates of the article.
  • If the listing is for Pace print holdings, you will be brought to a catalog screen when you click on the link for Pace print holdings. The catalog will direct you to the Paper (current issues), bound or microfilm (MFILM) periodicals area of that library.

    • Older issues are either bound or on microfilm (MFILM) or microfiche. These issues are always arranged alphabetically by journal title and chronologically within a title.
    • Current issues, generally from the past year, of all journals are at the Periodicals Desk (the front desk at Mortola). Request the issue from the librarian. You will be required to provide your Pace ID card in order to retrieve these materials. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE PERIODICALS FROM THE LIBRARY! A hold will be placed on your record if you do not return periodicals to the desk.

      There are three Pace library locations: the Birnbaum Library in New York City, the Law Library in White Plains and the Mortola Library in Pleasantville. You may need to scroll down the screen to view more copies or locations. Be sure to read the screens carefully.

  • If the listing for the date you need is under another option, your journal/magazine is also available in full-text through one of the Pace University Library databases.
  • The databases will be listed with the dates covered. Once you determine that the date you need is in one of the databases, click on the link for the database.
  • Depending on the database, you may be brought directly to the journal page or to the general database search page.

    • If the database opens within the journal page, you will have the option to browse to the correct date, volume, edition or you may select to Search within the Journal. If you decide to search, select a few words or a small phrase from the title of the article and search.
    • If the database opens with the general search page, type a few words or phrase form the title of the article in one search box and type the name of the journal/magazine in the second box (or connect these two search terms with the word "AND") and click search.

If the article you need is only available in print, microfilm,or bound from another campus library, you can request it from another campus within the library catalog. When you are viewing the catalog record for the journal, click on the Request button.

Follow the prompts for completing the online request. Articles from other Pace Library locations generally take 2 to 3 business days to arrive. Requested articles may cost $0.15 per page to cover copying fees. You will need to call the library to check on the status of your order or stop by the Circulation/Front desk and inquire. When the article comes in, you can pick it up at the Circulation/Front Desk.

If you determine that Pace does not have the item, you may request it via Interlibrary Loan.

  • From the Library home page, choose Interlibrary Loan
  • Log on to the ILLiad InterLibrary Loan System. (If this is your first time, use the Create a Profile link to get started.)
  • Fill out as much of the information on the forms as possible including your name and the barcode from the back or your Pace ID.
  • Requests will not normally be filled without a phone number or email address, so be sure to include one.
  • Requests will not normally be filled if the item is already owned by the Pace University Library.

You can make a copy of an article using any of the library’s photocopy machines.


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