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Public Administration Nonprofit Resources Page

NonPace Databases, Data Archives and Related Listings

1) American Religion Data Archive:, links to major data sources on religion.

2) Better Business Bureau:  ratings of nonprofits. 

3) Eric Mercer:  provides IRS forms with instructions for nonprofits, including Form  990 and registration forms and samples.

4) Foundation Center: “Search Tutorial” at the Foundation Center

5) Guidestar:  web database of all IRS-registered charitable nonprofits. 

6) IRS:  and follow link for charities and nonprofits for additional see links to a variety of resources for organizations seeking exempt status as well as code book and downloadable list of registered nonprofits; also IRS Publication 557

7) Maryland Secretary of State:  see links to other states and to a variety of nonprofit resource listings. 

8) National Charities Information Bureau:  information for donors.  

9) National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) Classification resources: (description) from National Center for Charitable Statistics, Urban Institute,

10) Quality 990:  efforts to improve quality of reporting on Form 990.  

11) Raffa & Associates:  accounting firm specializing in nonprofits (this does not constitute an endorsement of the firm).

12) Saguaro Seminar:  major survey on civic engagement in the U.S. in collaboration  with Robert Putnam. For results of Post 9/11-survey on civic engagement, see 

13) The Johns Hopkins Third Sector Project:  see links to the Center for Civil Society, the Comparative Nonprofit Sector Project, and the Nonprofit Employment bulletins. 

14) National Center for Charitable Statistics:  information on financial reporting formats for  nonprofit organizations.

15) Urban Institute:  Economic and social policy research.