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Liberal, Conservative & Non-Partisan Periodicals

The purpose of this guide is to provide information and resources on the role of news and magazines and how to evaluate them for bias.

Changing News Landscape

In recent years, changes in technology and the way people acquire their news has changed the landscape of news media. These changes have impacted the variety of news sources available and people are no longer getting their news from one or two objective sources. 

These changes include:

  • a decrease in physical newspapers/newsrooms,
  • an increase in the competition for breaking news due to the speed of information sharing,
  • an increase in competition for stories, content and audiences,
  • an increase in people getting their news from social media

How to Choose Your News

Types of News

Every day, you are taking in news in a variety of formats. These formats are guided by a specific motivation that informs the potential bias of a source. Being able to identify what type of news you are viewing should determine how you use that source and its information.

A list of definitions of types of news