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Use this guide to identify books, websites, social media feeds, and citation management programs to help you follow the correct style, including correct citation formats, for your classes.


APA style is the style created by the American Psychological Association. It is widely used in the social sciences (psychology, sociology, and so forth). Here at Pace, it is also used in some parts of the nursing program and by most professors in the Lubin School. The APA manual can be found at the reserve desks in the Birnbaum and Mortola Libraries and in the Mortola Reference section.


The Chicago Manual of Style, published by University of Chicago Press, is the most commonly used citation style for history. It is also used in economics and some social sciences (such as anthropology). The Chicago Manual can be found at the Birnbaum reserve desk and in the Reference sections at Mortola, and the Law Library. Individual subscriptions to the online version may also be purchased from this link:

Kate Turabian's Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations offers essentially the same style guide as Chicago. The latest edition of the Turabian Manual can be found at the Birnbaum reserve desk; earlier editions can be found in the Birnbaum, Mortola, and Law Library stacks.


The AIP Style Manual, from the American Institute of Physics, is used to cite sources in physics. The book is currently out of print, but it can be downloaded as a PDF from this web site:

The ACS Style Guide, produced by the American Chemical Society, is used for citing in Chemistry. Copies of the ACS guide are available in the Birnbaum Reference section and the Mortola stacks.

Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, developed by the Council of Science Editors, has been fully updated for the 8th edition. Coverage includes style conventions, publishing procedures, plagiarism and academic integrity, and citation practices for both print and electronic publications.The latest CSE manual is on reserve at Birnbaum; older editions can be found in the Birnbaum and Mortola stacks.


MLA style is used mostly by students of the humanities, particularly English, comparative literature, and the performing arts. MLA puts out two publications, each of which cover more or less the same material, but with slightly different emphases. The MLA Style Manual can be found in the stacks at Birnbaum and in the Reference sections at Mortola and the Law LibraryThe MLA Handbook is on reserve at Birnbaum and Mortola, and also in the Reference sections at Mortola and the Law Library. 


The style used by many in the medical field (including advanced nursing students at Pace) is known as "Vancouver," and it is a close relative of AMA style. The authority on Vancouver style is the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. There is no print version of the ICMJE style guide, but a PDF can be downloaded at

The AMA Manual of Style is on reserve at Birnbaum and in the reference section at Mortola.

The Associated Press Stylebook 2018 and Briefing on Media Law