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Library staff members for each campus

Reference Desk Birnbaum / Mortola 212-346-1331 / 914-773-3505
Circulation Desk Birnbaum / Mortola 212-346-1332 / 914-773-3380
Interlibrary Loan Birnbaum / Mortola 212-346-1734 / 914-773-3853
Name / Email Role Telephone
Steve Feyl University Librarian 914-773-3233
Rose Gillen Library Director (PLV Campus) 914-773-3382
Jennifer Rosenstein
Library Director (NYC Campus)
Birnbaum Library (NYC Campus)    
Yakov Bibichkov Technical Services Assistant 212-346-1635
Kristina Bilello Reference Librarian 212-618-6903
Igor Botan Library Technical Support 212-346-1905
David Callahan Part-time Reference Librarian 212-346-1331
Wanda Castaner Catalog Assistant 212-346-1635
Andrea L. Craig Purchasing AP/ Coordinator 212-346-1662
Amernel Denton Resource Sharing Assistant 212-346-1734
Don Kortlander Part-time Circulation Assistant 212-346-1332
Waleska Laureano Circulation Coordinator 212-346-1332
Gina Levitan First Year Outreach Services Librarian 212-346-1051
Greg Murphy Head of Research and Circulation Services         212-346-1667
Jackie Planey Instructional Services Librarian 212-346-1051
Brendan Plann-Curley Reference Librarian 212-618-6905
Berte Schachter Part-time Circulation Assistant 212-346-1332
Ellen Sowchek University Archivist 212-346-1787
Kimberly Muellers Part-time Circulation Assistant 212-346-1332
Susan Thomas Instructional Services Librarian 212-346-1051
Ruth Ware Part-time Reference Librarian 212-346-1331
Mortola Library (PLV Campus)    
David (Milton) Almodovar Head of Research and Circulation Services 914-773-3039
  Part-time Access Services Assistant 914-773-3380
Christina Blenkle Electronic Services Librarian 914-773-3222
DeSharwn Brown Access Services Assistant Coordinator 914-773-3215
Sarah Burns-Feyl Head of Teaching and Learning Services          914-773-3220
James Corry Part-time Reference Librarian 914-773-3505
Ann Dimaio Access Services Assistant Coordinator 914-773-3182
Lynda Hanley Part-time Reference Librarian 914-773-3505
Sheila Hu Inter-library Loan Librarian 914-773-3853
Robert Huerster Part-time Reference Librarian 914-773-3505
Erik Jantzen Library Systems Analyst 914-773-3383
Jessica Kiebler Instructional Services Librarian 914-773-3230
Samuel Kim Instructional Services Librarian 914-773-3505
Michelle Leonard Part-time Reference Librarian 914-773-3505
Nadine MacDonald Head of Interlibrary and Admin. Services 914-773-3854
Noreen McGuire Head of Library Collections 914-773-3815
June Pang Part-time Cataloging Librarian 914-773-3255
Jaya Patel Part-time Technical Services Assistant 914-773-3588
Medaline Philbert Head of Library Assessment 914-773-3945
Karin Sansaricq Part-time Reference Librarian 914-773-3505
Jodie Staton Part-time Reference Librarian 914-773-3505