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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources

What's on this guide?

This is a guide for the Pace community with a wide variety of resources on the current global health crisis related to the novel coronavirus. 

There is a great deal of information available online and we at the Pace library want to make sure our community has access to trustworthy information sources. 

The Articles and Scientific Research tab has links to scientific research, including published articles and research data sets.

The For Clinicians and Public Health Workers tab includes links for guidance from tne New York City Department of Health, as well as a wide variety of professional resources for physician assistants, nurses, physicians, mental health professionals, and people working in public health. 

The New York City and State tab has links to resources specifically for the Pace community, as well as information and updates from the city and state departments of health, the mayor and the governor. 

The Tracking Data and Explainers tab has links to the World Health Organization and a map from Johns Hopkins University that is continuously updated with numbers of coronavirus cases across the world, as well as links for economics and policy concerns. There are also sites that aim to answer common questions about the coronavirus, written for a general audience. 

The Anti-Xenophobia Resources and Statements tab has guidance on addressing the unfortunate xenophobia and racism that has arisen during the coronavirus crisis.