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Pace Honors: Library Guide

This guide is for Pace Honors students, and includes more information for Evaluating Resources, Connect NY & ILL, Tracking & Organizing Citations, and MLA/APA.

What is Digital Commons?

Pace Digital Commons is an online institutional repository, which helps to preserve and provide access to research and scholarly work created by members of the Pace community. Students, staff, and faculty can upload and share their work with the Pace University community, and beyond.

The Digital Commons at Pace are home to all of the University's research and are a great way for working papers, conference work, copies of published articles, presentations, senior theses and other works not published elsewhere to be shared with a larger scholarly community.

Why Digital Commons?

By sharing your work with digital commons, you will be able to:

  • Share your work with the world, revealing opportunities for more collaboration and the sharing of knowledge
  • Ensure that your work can be shared easily: stable URL links available for sharing on a C.V. or website
  • Your work is indexed in Google and Google Scholar, making it easier to be discovered
  • Create a larger impact for your work

Submitting your work to the Digital Commons at Pace does not mean that the work is published by Pace University or Digital Commons. However, it does ensure that your work can be stored and shared on a stable, online platform - enabling other scholars to share in the information and hard work that you have put together.

Submitting to Digital Commons

Whether you are part of Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, the Lubin School of Business, the Pforzheimer Honors College, or any other school or department at Pace, you can submit your work to the Pace Digital Commons.

Click here to see a list of departments and learn more about submitting your work to the Digital Commons.

Author FAQ

All work submitted to the Digital Commons must be submitted the site administrator. Please contact your department in order to submit your work, and if you have any other questions please contact us.

Is adding my work to the Pace Digital Commons considered publishing that work?

No! As an institutional repository, the Digital Commons is really more of a online portfolio for your work. As long as your work is not peer-reviewed, it is not considered a published work.

Can I submit an article that was already published in another journal?

Yes and no. Some journals will allow you to repost work, while others will not. This all depends on the author agreement reached between you, and the journal. If you're not sure about the permissions for the publisher, you can review the publishing permissions that are listed on the SHERPA/RoMEO database for publisher copyright policies and self-archiving.

If I submitted a working paper, but then it's published in a slightly revised form in another journal, what should I do?

Depending on the journal that you have submitted to, there can no restrictions on working papers that were completed before the article was published through the journal. The author agreement with the journal can confirm that there is no issue with leaving the working paper in the Digital Commons, and having your work in a repository like digital commons would constitute noncommercial use according to copy right standards.

Questions? Contact our Digital Commons site administrators.