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What is is a service that helps prevent "link rot". Use it to preserve the online sources you cite and to make those records accessible to your readers.

What is link rot?  Link rot happens when you cite to an online source that later disappears or changes. It's a big problem, especially for academic scholarship which depends heavily on citations to stable sources.

How does work?  You give the URL of the page you want to preserve and cite. The software visits that URL, preserves what's there, deposits it into our collection, and gives you a unique URL that points to the record in our collection. Then, you can use that URL in your citation to give readers access to a stable, accurate record of the source you referenced ...even if the original disappears from the web.

Beginning to use

  1. The user copies the URL from the address bar of a web page they want to preserve.
  2. The user pastes that URL into the window of the page. 
  3. The user clicks the "Create Perma Link" button. 

Perma will visit the web page selected and create a record of the contents of that page. When Perma finishes processing the request, the Perma Record will appear and the user will see a preserved page similar to below (you should review the Perma Record to confirm that it displays correctly).

The Perma Link for your preserved page will now appear in the address bar of your browser (as well in the Perma Record).  

Now you can just cut & paste your new Perma Link in place of the old link ...and know that it is permanent!

More about

FAQ / More Information:

If you want more information about and preserving links to online sources, check out the FAQ on the User Guide.