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Citing Business Sources - APA 7th edition


Welcome to Business Source Citations - APA 7th Edition!  

This guide provides a quick overview and examples of APA Style7th Edition which is widely used in business research. The APA style manual does not provide examples for every single type of resource, and some business-specific resources contain unique information that doesn't exactly match APA rules. Please contact us at if you have complex questions!

For more information on APA 7th edition Resources: 

  • APA Reference Examples

    Citation examples for the most common works that writers cite (books, articles, websites, data, social media, and more) are provided on this page.

  • In-text Citation Guidance & Examples

    This page provides examples and guidance for in-text citations, including basic principles; paraphrases and direct quotations; interviews; classroom and intranet sources; and personal communications.

The APA Style Overview

Steps to creating a citation

 Step 1: Determine the source type.  Is it a trade journal article, scholarly journal article, or newspaper article? 

 Step 2: Decide if the source is print or digital. Is it from an online website or a library database?

 Step 3: Identify the author and publication date. 

             If there is no author, use a corporate author (e.g. company, or association) for the content.

             If there is no publication date, use "no date." for your in-text citation.

             Use the abbreviation (n.d.) in the References at the end. 

 Step 3: Find an example citation for the source type in a citation guide.

 Step 4: Use the example as a template to create your citation.