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Criminal Justice

This guide is an introduction to sources of information on Criminal Justice that are available at Pace University

Finding Books in the Library

The Pace University Libraries have a broad range of books on Criminal Justice topics. When you search the library's catalog, you will usually want to begin with a Keyword search for your topic. Once you find a few good books in the catalog, look at the Library of Congress Subject Headings and subheadings that are listed at the bottom of the record. These can help you find more relevant sources by doing a Subject search. Here are a few good Library of Congress Subject Headings to help you get started. Follow these links to browse the subject heading along with suggested sub-headings.

Criminal Justice, Administration of



Offenses against the person (follow link for related terms)


Police Administration

Courts (follow link to see related terms)

Commercial Crimes

Forensic Sciences

Books & Media Search


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