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Criminal Justice

This guide is an introduction to sources of information on Criminal Justice that are available at Pace University

Finding Articles

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The information below will provide assistance to locating scholarly articles:

  • Pace Library Databases: Each database in Pace Library's collection provides access to a unique group of publications, so search more than one in order to be comprehensive.
  • Inter-Library Loan: There may be articles in the Pace Databases for which we don't have full text access but can be requested through inter-library loan. 
  • Searching the Databases: Use the tutorial videos from our librarians to learn how to effectively search our resources:

Journal Title Search

You can browse journal and periodical holdings using our Journals by Discipline page, or go to our website and use the Journal Title tab to search for a particular publication title.

Article Linker

For articles not immediately available in full-text, use the  button when viewing your list of results. If we have access to the publication containing the article in a different subscription database, Search For Item  will point you to that location. If it is not available, you may submit a request for a copy of the article through the InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service.