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WS 166: The World of Zines, Zine Making and Self-Publishing

for Professor Silberstein Fall 2023

Consider Officially "Protecting" Your Creative Work

Click here to read about the different levels of permissions you might assign to your zine.  This page was written by Milena Popova on Jan 21, 2011  on the ORG Zine website. Consider whether or not you want others to be able to freely copy from or share your zine, or if you want to place some restrictions on how people share your zine.

More about ORG Zine: The Open Rights Group campaign for digital rights, and defend democracy, transparency and new creative possibilities. ORGzine is the Open Rights Group digital magazine

Click here to learn more from Creative about choosing a license for your zine. After you click "Get Started," consider trying the "Chooser Beta" shown in green at the top. You can provide feedback to Creative Commons about your experience.

image from Research Outreach, accessed on March 2023.

Sharing or Remixing Others' Zines

Read here for information from the zine libraries interest group (lower caps on purpose)  about the ethics and circle of respect in regards to sharing content of zines made by other people.