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WS 166: The World of Zines, Zine Making and Self-Publishing

for Professor Silberstein Fall 2023

Visit the Print Zine Library at 161 William, 17th Floor

Click Here to Access a Spreadsheet of the Zine Collection at Pace

Check out this spreadsheet before you visit the Zine Library. You can see the titles and descriptions and pre-select zines you want to see. Use Ctrl F or Command F (Mac) to search for keywords on the page.

he Pace Zine Library is located at 41 Park Row, 15th floor (English dept.), room 1523.

Click here to view hours when someone is staffing the Zine Library and it is open for drop-in visits. NOTE: in upper right area, change the view from month to week or day to see all the details. You can also make an appointment if these hours don't work for you. Email us at

If you are unable to visit the Zine Library, refer to the list of digitized or born-digital zines in the box below.

Online Zines