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ENG 110 Joshi fall 2022

A Significant Place

Whether a location in New York or your hometown, identify a place you deem significant. You will have the opportunity to take the class on a virtual field trip to this particular location through sharing your project.

You will be conducting multimodal research that you will present to the class. For example, you may write a research-based essay with accompanying photographs similar to the three essays we will read in class, or consider other methods that juxtapose or create dialogue between writing, images, audio, and/or video components including vlogs, reels, slides, or storyboards with text and images.

You should visit or revisit a particular location and conduct field research (such as descriptive writing, photographs, and interviews) as preliminary components of your project. If circumstances do not permit traveling to a location for the project, you can choose a place you have previously visited. Additionally, you must source and cite at least two library or internet sources in your essay.