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Library Information for MBA 806

Newspapers and Popular Magazines

Though these aren't strictly academic materials, the Pace library does have access to the text (though often, unfortunately, not photos or illustrations) of many publications that you might not think would be available. If you need articles from newspapers or magazines, try the library first! Choose the Journal Title tab on the home page's search box, put in the publication's title, and see if it's in our resources.

Most current popular magazines and newspapers have websites, often with searchable archives. (Make sure that you're on the site of the publication you're looking for--copycats can be peddling misinformation. See the Evaluating Outside Resources page.)

The New York Public Library

New York City boasts a public library system that is also one of the top research libraries in the country, if not the world. If you don't have an NYPL card, get one ASAP! Anyone who lives, works, pays taxes, or goes to school in New York State is eligible for a card.

  • There are branches of NYPL all over the city, and books from the circulating collection can be checked out from any of them.
  • NYPL's main research library, located at 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, is a splendid building with a beautiful reading room open to the public. Material from the research collection can be used on the premises. Consult the research catalog to see what the library can offer.
  • NYPL has a robust collection of online resources, both its own special collections and subscription databases.
  • The best library site for business information is the Thomas Yoseloff Business Center, located in the Stavros Niarchos Library on 5th Avenue at 40th Street (formerly the Mid-Manhattan Library).


Other Institutional Libraries

Many of the cultural institutions in New York have associated libraries. Often, these are accessible only by appointment and for a specific research purpose. A few of these libraries are:

The American Museum of Natural History

The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen (alas, this historic library is currently closed for renovations, except for evening programming)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (houses several libraries)

The Museum of Modern Art

The New York Academy of Medicine

The New-York Historical Society

If there is an institution devoted to the subject that you want to research, contact the institution and find out if it has a library.


Freely Available Resources

Open Access (OA) and Open Educational Resources (OER) are terms for aspects of a growing movement that seeks to provide free access to scholarly materials. Some resources are being published in open-access journals; some resources become available after time behind paywalls. For more information and links to specific resources, see our Open Access Resources research guide.

The Internet Archive and the associated Open Library are highly useful sources of e-books, especially for older books that do not have digital versions available from a publisher. The material in these collections is scanned from print and made available for checkout; you need only create a free account to be able to begin using the books.

For business and technology titles, the Wiley Online Library is an excellent place to look.

Pace has a scholarly repository where you can find papers from Pace students and faculty. Many other universities have repositories like Pace's, so if there is a particular person whose work you want to read, check the repository of the institution they're associated with.