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What is "Quick Search"

This explains what is covered by our quick search box - including limitations and known issues.

Quick Search

For information on how to USE this service please go to

What is this tool and what does it do?

  • This allows you to begin research with no need to select a specific database or subject category to get started
  • Find a wide variety of resource types with one search.  It is a good way to begin searching for a topic.  

What is covered by this tool?

A portion (but not all) of Pace University Libraries' electronic subscription services, which contain:

  • articles (journal, magazine, newspaper, etc.)
  • e-books
  • conference proceedings
  • materials that are in the library catalog including DVD's, books, and Pace dissertations.

What isn't covered?

  • Some of the electronic databases that Pace University subscribes to.  See the tab on the left for a complete list of databases that are not covered.


Does this tool offer "one stop shopping?"
This tool searches
a large portion of the library's electronic collections, but not everything.  It's quick and efficient, but depending on your topic, it may not offer you the level of search sophistication you need. Besides using this tool, it might be worthwhile to supplement your research in some of the following ways:

  • Use Books & Media to find print books, more ebooks, media, etc. and items from our library catalog
  • Use Journal Title tab to search for a specific journal - both print and electronic.
  • Use the Databases tab to find our list of specialized, subject-specific databases 
  • Use the Reserves tab to find items that your professor put on reserve - both electronic and print.
  • Use Research Guides tab to get librarian-recommended databases, journals, encyclopaedias, statistical sources, and other specialized research materials in your field
  • Use Ask a Librarian via email, chat, phone, text or in person if you need help on finding research materials on your topic

What's included

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