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Public Health Nursing Assessment Tool - Additional Resources

A-1: Local, State & Federal Structure

To find out who represents your community at different levels of government, go to Project Vote Smart ( This site allows you to look up your elected officials using your zip code. You can find other information on the Political Organization of your community on state and local government Websites. These often provide citizens' guides, organizational charts, and detailed agency descriptions.

To find information on Voter Registration and Political Party Affiliation, try the following:

New York State Board of Elections
Click on the tab to go to the "Statistics" area to find voter and enrollment and political party affiliation information by county, assembly, or senate, or congressional district.

Vote NYC
The New York City Board of Elections Website provides information on voter enrollment and election turnout by county.  See the "Voter Enrollment Totals".

Voting and Registration Data, U.S. Census Bureau
Information on voter registration is collected by the U.S. Census Bureau as a part of the Current Population Survey.  To find out what percentage of the eligible population is registered to vote, see the "Detailed Tables" from the November 2002 Election (this information is only available at the national and state levels).

A-2: Political Issues in the Community

To find information on the Political Issues facing your community, your best source will likely be the local news media. Local newspaper sources available through the Pace University Library include:

Lexis-Nexis Academic
Full-text news database with articles dating back to 1980. Some local sources are included. To access them, use the "Source Directory: Find or Browse" link at the top of the page, or use the "Search by Content Type" menu, and choose "All News." Then click "Advanced Options" to further narrow your search by location, region, or publication.

Local newspaper Websites, such as the Journal News (Westchester) (, the New York Times (, the New York Post (, and the New York Daily News ( may also be useful, although most online archives do not date back as far as the Library's subscription databases.