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UNV 101: Student Library Guide

Learn more about UNV101 and Pace Libraries

Using the Library

Looking for a book or an article?

Use the library catalog or our Quick Search tool to search across our resources and find the information you need.

Books: Use either the Quick Search to search by title or keyword, or the "Books and More" tab:

Articles: Use the Quick Search tab to search by article title or keyword. You can also use the Journal Title tab to search for specific Journal Titles available through our resources.

Once you find a book in the catalog, how do you actually find it on the shelf? 

If the book is listed as being in the Stacks (for both Birnbaum and Mortola libraries) it means the book is on the second floor, and you can retrieve it yourself. To find the book on the shelf, you will need the Call Number. Call numbers look something like this: 

TD885.5.G73 V53 2011

At Pace (and most university libraries) we use Library of Congress call numbers, which means all of our books are organized by subject. If you find a book you're interested in and realize you need to find more, you can browse to the rest of the books on the shelf and they'll all be about a similar topic. To learn more about how to use Library of Congress call numbers, click here.

Use the maps on the home page of this guide to help you find the right section of the stacks.  If you ever need help finding a book, librarians are here to help! You can find us at the Information and Circulation Desks at the either Pace campus library.

What is ConnectNY? 

ConnectNY is a consortium of 18 academic libraries in New York State. You can easily borrow books from any ConnectNY library. All you need are your Pace credentials.

​How do I request a book from ConnectNY?

  1. First search for the book in our catalog. If we don't have it, or if it’s checked out or missing, click on the ConnectNY logo and be taken immediately into the ConnectNY catalog.
  1. When you find the book you need, you can request it by clicking “Request this item”
  1. Select your institution, then enter your name and your Pace Libraries barcode number and choose a pickup location.
  1. An email will notify you when your book has arrived at your home library.

Do I need a separate account?

You do not need a separate account, but you do need a library barcode. If you don’t have one, you can get one at the library circulation desk or request it by emailing

What can I borrow through ConnectNY?

At present, ConnectNY is specifically for lending and borrowing books and e-books. DVDs, streaming video, and articles are not available through the ConnectNY service.

How do I renew?

You can renew ConnectNY books through your account on the library web site or by contacting the circulation department at your home library.

Where do I pick up my book?

You will be notified by email when your book is available for pickup. You may pick it up at your campus library's circulation desk.

How long does all this take?

Books from ConnectNY usually arrive within 5-7 business days.


What is Interlibrary Loan & ILLiad?

ILLiad is a system that libraries use to manage borrowing and lending among libraries. Through ILLiad, the Pace Community has the ability to borrow items from libraries all over the world. Interlibrary Loan is a library service that allows you to request items (books and articles) from other libraries worldwide.

How do I log in to ILLiad?

Go to the ILLiad login page. You can find it under the Quick Links on the library home page.

How do I sign up for an ILLiad Account?

You can sign up here, or go through the Quick Links on the library home page. All you need is your Pace credentials to activate your account.

What can I borrow through interlibrary loan?

The Pace Interlibrary Loan service is intended to serve Pace-related research, scholarship and course work. You may place requests for books, DVDs, journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, theses, or other items if they are not available in the Pace catalog, or if they are checked out or missing.

What CAN’T I borrow through interlibrary loan?

  • E-books: Most libraries do not loan e-books via ILL.
  • Textbooks: We are happy to place requests for current textbooks, but please be aware that these requests are rarely successful. Pace does not lend out its current textbooks to other institutions, because they are in high demand among our own students. Most other institutions follow the same practice.
  • Reserve items: We do not generally place requests for items that are on reserve in the Pace libraries, but we will make exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis.

Dissertations and theses

We will make every effort to borrow a dissertation or thesis for you, but often these items are not available for loan. See below for purchase options.

How do I renew?

You cannot renew items you received via ILLiad directly. You must contact the ILL department at your home library.

Where do I pick up my items?

You will be notified by email when your book or any other physical item is available for pickup. Items may be picked up at your campus library's circulation desk.

Where are my articles?

You will receive an email when your articles are available. In most cases they will be delivered to your ILLiad account; log in to retrieve them. On the left side menu, click on Electronically Received Articles. Download articles to your own computer or USB drive. The articles will expire and disappear from your ILLiad account in 30 days.

How long do I get to keep things I borrow?

Items borrowed via ILLiad have loan periods and renewals defined by the lending institution. You will be notified of the due date at the time of checkout. Any physical item can be recalled by the lending library for one of their patrons. Articles are delivered electronically and are yours to keep, but remember that they will be automatically deleted from your ILLiad account after 30 days, so download them to your personal computer if you want to keep them.

How long does all of this take?

The timing varies depending on what you are requesting and from where it is being sent. Newer articles are usually delivered within 24-48 hours during the work week. Older articles sometimes take a few days because they must first be scanned before being delivered electronically. Books borrowed through ILLiad can take anywhere from 7 days - 2 weeks depending on the distance and shipping method.

The Library subscribes to over 200 hundred databases. To browse and search databases organized by subject, select "Databases" from the library homepage and select a subject from the drop down menu:

What is a database?

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can be easily accessed. Databases typically allow you to search across a multitude of resources: everything from newspaper and magazine articles, to more subject specific scholarly journal articles and peer reviewed materials.

Through Pace Libraries, you have access to approximately 200 databases that cover a wide range of topics. Not sure where you need to look? You can explore all of our databases organized by Subject to get a better sense of what's available to you.




Research Guides can help you find more information on the resources and services available through the library on a specific topic. They have been created, and are maintained by the librarians at Pace Libraries.

Want to learn more? Explore some of our guides here!

What is a Subject Heading?

Subject Terms and/or Headings are terms that are used to describe the content of an item. Searching by subject will bring you materials that are explicitly about that topic. You can use subject terms to view items that have also been "tagged" as being about a particular topic. Keep in mind, that subject terms and/or headings  are pre-selected. When you're starting your research try using both broad and specific terms - this will help you discover different subjects that you can also search by.


Searching by Keyword

A Keyword Search will search for any time a word or phrase is mentioned in the description and/or record of an item. Starting your research with a keyword search can help you find more relevant subject terms, which can help you narrow (or expand) your search results.

Using AND, OR, or NOT  to combine your search terms, search for similar terms, or exclude terms can help you discover more relevant information on your topic:

Use "AND" to combine terms:  

(women AND computer science)

Use "OR" to use similar terms:  

(woman OR women)

Use "NOT" to use exclude terms:  

(computer science NOT software)