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UNV 101: Student Library Guide

Learn more about UNV101 and Pace Libraries

Mortola Library - Pleasantville












UNV 101 Library Orientation

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The UNV101 Library Orientation Activity at Mortola Library:

UNV101 classes are required to complete the Library Orientation Activity. 

The activity takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete, and you will receive a certificate of completion once you've finished. Ask your UNV101 instructor for more details on how to submit your certificate of completion. You can access the Activity here:

Resources and Services at Mortola

Blue Room & Study Cubicles at Mortola Library:

  • Open group study spaces are available on the first and third floors of the library, with silent study spaces available on the second floor.
  • Need a quiet group study space? Or need to share screens for a presentation? Book the a room here.

Study Tools:

  • Struggling with a class or assignment? Check out the Learning Commons on the Third Floor. Learn how to book an appointment with TutorTrac.

Access and Borrowing:

  • Visit Access Services on the first floor of the library to check out materials including books, calculators, laptops, headphones, and more!
  • Use your Pace U Number to request materials from other Pace Campuses and through ConnectNY.
  • Before you buy that textbook, check to see if your professor put it on Reserve at Access Services! To check if it's there, check the catalog here and go to the "Reserves" Tab.